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Byron Bay, The Lighthouse & Farm Tour

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In Australia, it is referred to as the “alternative lifestyle” capital. Get a taste of the Byron Bay that we have come to love. Byron Bay is a unique and fun adventure for people of all ages.

A famous Three Blue Ducks Restaurant and Produce Store can be found on ‘The Farm’, an Australian working farm experience. Discover Australia’s most easterly mainland point while observing local animals and flowers.

Its stunning coastal surroundings and attractions complement Byron’s unique alternative lifestyle destination. With its 360 degree views and spectacular whale watching vantage points, Cape Byron Lighthouse is well worth a visit. The iconic Byron Bay Hotel offers a scrumptious beachside alfresco meal as you watch the waves roll in.

For you to truly experience why Byron Bay is so loved, you need time at this amazing destination, so we have given you up to three hours to explore the many coastal shops, take a swim at any of the famous Byron Bay Beaches, enjoy a nature walk, or simply relax and experience the amazing Byron Bay vibe.

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Byron Bay, NSW

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8 Hours

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Learn more about Byron Bay

The coastal town of Byron Bay is located on the far north coast of Australia. There is also Australia’s most easterly point and the iconic Cape Byron lighthouse in the region, along with expansive beaches, world-class festivals, and vibrant communities. During this Byron Bay tour, we will take you there.

There are a variety of accommodations available at Byron Bay, as well as top food and drink producers, a variety of activities, inspiring brands, and fantastic markets. A paradise of natural beauty and a renowned wellness capital of Australia, Byron Bay will leave you speechless with its friendly, welcoming community and awe-inspiring beauty.

You can kayak, ride horses, take surf lessons, or skydive over the region’s beaches. Take a balloon ride or skydive over the mountains and coastal landscape to get a bird’s eye view. You can go to the community market, watch the sunrise for the first time in Australia, or pamper yourself to a spa day while you’re here. The local art scene can be explored at one of the galleries or live music venues in Byron, as well as hiking to the lighthouse.

This coast is believed to have been created by the Bundjalung Nation of the Arakwal, Minjungbal, and Widjabul peoples, who have lived there for at least 22,000 years. Cavvanbah means “meeting place” in traditional times. In traditional times, it meant “meeting place”. Its totems include Wajung and Kabul. The land and people were created by Nguthungulli, whose name is now Julian Rocks.

During the 1770s, Lieutenant James Cook discovered a safe anchorage, which he named Cape Byron for Vice Admiral John Byron, the circumnavigator of the world and grandfather of Lord Byron. European settlement took place in the 1830s, and a massacre took place near the quarry near Suffolk Park in the 1850s. Byron’s first industry was the logging of Australian red cedars (Toona ciliata). The timber industry influenced a number of local names, including Possum Shoot, Coopers Shoot and Skinners Shoot, where logs were “shot” down hills to be dragged to ships. Timber production became insignificant after World War I. Many former timber workers became farmers as a result.


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